Style & Error: How to get 5 styles from 1 haircut.


2018 is fast approaching and along with a new year comes a new perspective on the way we treat our bodies. From fitness and nutrition to fashion and skincare, there are so many things for us to work on to be better versions of ourselves.

Our hair can represent so much of us as people and 2018 is the year of ‘style and error’ as we like to call it.  We see so many men come to The Refinery to get their traditional haircut and they keep their hair styled in that one way all year around.

What if we told you that you could get 5 styles out of that one haircut for all different occasions?! Whether it’s for work, date night, a corporate event or a night out with friends, we can style and error to see how much can actually be done with your look!

Here are 5 styles you can try from one haircut using a variety of products from our style expert and barber, Anthony Mayes.

1. The Parting

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 16.39.23.png

Steps: Comb all your hair forward  and then use the comb to form a parting on the desired side of your head.  

Products: Use a medium shine product such as Hanz De Fuko hybridized wax to give the hair a satin and clean finish.

Tips: Once the product is in your hair you can use the comb again to make the hair neater.

2. The Sweep


Steps: Use a hairdryer and a flat brush and directionally dry backwards to create volume and hold.

Products: Use a matte product like Balmain Matte Paste to create a separated dry look.

Tips: Use a little hairspray to hold in place like Balmain Medium Hold Hairspray.

3. The Fringe


Steps: Use your fingers to tease the hair forward creating texture and movement.

Products: Use Moroccan Oil Molding Cream to enhance texture.

Tips: Don’t over apply product as this can make the fringe look greasy.

4. The Rough & Ready


Steps: The process of this style is very similar to that of the fringe. However, be more vigorous when applying product.

Products: You can use a sea salt spray like Balmain or a dry shampoo if your hair is not washed to add the ‘Bed head Look’.

Tips: Don’t be afraid to be a bit messy with this style.

5. The Quiff


Steps: Pre dry a gel into the hair to create lift throughout the front. Use a hair dryer and a round brush to achieve your desired look.

Products: Use Balmain Styling Gel as this will give hold. Then finish with Hanz De Fuko Sponge Wax.

Tips: Use cold air after blowdrying in order to set the hair in place.


If you need help achieving any of these styles, please make an appointment with Anthony or any of our other barbers at The Refinery! 

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