Manicures & Pedicures   

Refine your feet and hands with our nourishing treatments. 


Treatments & Pricing

Maintenance Manicure

A quick-fix manicure including nail filing, buffing and cuticle work.

25 Minutes | £39

Ultimate Manicure

A pampering manicure and hand treatment to nourish and condition hands, nails and cuticles.

40 minutes | £49

Maintenance Pedicure

A quick-fix pedicure including nail filing, buffing, cuticle work and sole refreshing. 

25 minutes | £39

Ultimate Pedicure

A luxurious, smoothing and relaxing treatment including exfoliation, massage and extensive nail and cuticle work.

55 minutes | £69

Sole Therapy

A natural fruit acid peel designed to smooth and soften hard and callused soles and heels, leaving feet soft and supple.

4O minutes | £49

Hair & Shave



A consultation followed by a wash incorporating a relaxing scalp massage. Treatment finished with an infused hot towel.

£39 (knightsbridge only)




Hair Colouring


Treatments & Pricing

Grey Away

Discreet and camouflaging colour with natural results.




Permanent Colour 


A consultation for any of the above services is complimentary and available upon request. A patch test is required 48 hours prior to a hair colouring appointment for clients who have not been with us for 6 months.



Treatments & Pricing

The Refinery Shaving Experience

A luxurious grooming treatment combining a mini - facial and wet shave, utilising our exclusive Refinery product range. During this deluxe treatment a step-by-step consultation on how best to incorporate grooming products into your daily routine is included.

45 minutes | £59

Traditional Wet Shave or Head Shave

The wet shave commences with infused hot towels to soften and prep the skin before a bristle brush is used to lift stubble for the closest possible shave. We finish with our exclusive in-house post shave treatment.

30 minutes | £39

Beard Design

To compliment the wet shave by providing the opportunity to be more creative and individual by tailoring your beard design. 


Beard Trim

Defining and shortening your beard by using clippers.



Add on to any of the above treatments.

Manicure Add-On

Add a manicure to your haircut.


Threading Add-On

An ancient hair removal technique, used as an alternative to waxing/tweezing. Recommended for sensitive areas of the face as it is more gentle on the skin.

From £21

Nose waxing Add-On


Ear waxing Add-On


Add-On Customised Scalp Treatment

Added to a haircut or shampoo and finish, this deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment is customised to suit individual needs.


Eye Lift Treatment Add On

Revitalise and refresh the eye area to combat signs of fatigue. 

30 minutes | £50



Treatments & Pricing

The Refinery Detox Facial

A purifying facial treatment for oily and combination skin which draws out impurities and congestion, leaving the skin clean and luminous.

50 minutes | £80

The Refinery Express Facial

A mini facial, the perfect choice for someone not too familiar with facials and wants to try them out. 

25 minutes | £45

Aromatherapy Associates Aroma Clear Facial

A deep cleansing facial for problematic skin using galvanic and high frequency current, combined with a range of effective products to draw out impurities that can cause skin congestion.

50 minutes | £95

Aromatherapy Associates Power Firm facial

Designed to tone facial muscles, help erase fine lines and re-plump skin for instant results. This facial combines highly active properties, an enzyme peel and micro current.

50 minutes | £95

Aromatherapy Associates Power Lift Facial

A results-driven facial utilising galvanic and micro- current to increase the power of the active products and stimulate the skin. Facial muscles are lifted and toned, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. A pressure point massage is carried out on the neck/shoulder area.

We advise a course of treatments for best results.

80 minutes | £135

Thread vein removal

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On request (Mayfair only)

Hair Removal

Essential waxing tips

  • Hair removal cannot be combined with any other heat treatment.
  • Shower immediately prior to the intimate waxing treatment, arrive 10–15 minutes early to do so at the location.
  • Avoid excessive perspiration for at least 24 hours after waxing.
  • Ensure clothing worn after waxing is clean and dry, including underwear.
  • Hot baths and swimming are not recommended for 24 hours after waxing.
  • Do not expose your skin to the sun or tanning booth if the skin is red, for 24 hours after waxing.
  • Use a good body scrub between waxing to discourage ingrown hairs. (Avoid for the first 24 hours after a wax).
  • Your therapist will recommend further after care that is appropriate for you

Treatments & Pricing

Nose waxing Add-On £19

Ear waxing Add-On £19

Nose and Ear Waxing Add-On £30 (add these on to any hair and shave treatments) 

Fingers or Toes £19

Chest £30

Chest and Abdomen £50

Back £40

Back and Shoulders £50

Shoulders £30

Arms £35

Full Leg £60

Half Leg £40

Intimate Waxing: 5 zones of intimate waxing

Areas: Crack, buttocks, testicles, shaft and speedo line. All treatment times include a mandatory pre shower. To book 2 areas choose Area 2, 3 areas choose Area 3 etc.

1 Area | £50
2 Areas | £75
3 Areas | £85
4 Areas | £105
5 Areas | £120  

Man Scaping

Using clippers to reduce hair length leaving your overall appearance trimmed and well groomed. Areas include back, shoulders, chest, abdomen.


Treatments & Pricing

Back and Shoulders

Entire back and shoulders.


Chest and Abdomen

Upper chest and abdomen.


Full Legs and Outer Bikini Line

Bikini line to full leg.


Full Body excluding Intimate Areas

Back, chest, leg, arms and underarms.


Intimate Man Scaping 


Using clippering for the intimate areas.

Full Body and Intimate Bikini line to full leg. £125

Intimate Crack, buttocks, testicles. £55



Hands or feet: £90

Chest: £135

Chest & abs: £180

Back: £180

Back & shoulders: £225

Full arm: £225

Full leg: £360

1 intimate area: £110

2 intimate areas: £135

3 intimate areas: £180

4 intimate areas: £225

5 intimiate areas: £270

Eyebrows / Eyelashes


Treatments & Pricing

Eyebrow Shaping £21

Eyebrow Tinting £25

Eyelash Tinting £28

Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting

An effective way to enhance and define the eyes, for those with fair lashes/eyebrows. A patch test is required 24 hours prior to appointment for customers who have not been with us for 6 month. £38


Massage & Body Treatments


Treatments & Pricing

The Refinery Soothing Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Pressure point treatment that relieves everyday stress and tension around the neck and shoulder area.

25 minutes | £45 

The Refinery Signature face and body treatment

Begin your experience with an exfoliation and back cleanse, to restore clarity to the skin. Continue the journey with a stress-relieving back and scalp massage to pinpoint areas of tension, bringing relief to tired and aching muscles. Our signature treatment concludes with a detoxifying facial to leave skin bright, supple and refreshed.

80 minutes | £125 


The feet are like a map of the body. Skilled manipulation of specific points on the feet reduces levels of stress, increases well-being and improves the flow of energy in the body, bringing about the body’s own natural balance. A truly relaxing experience.

55 minutes | £80

The Refinery Deep Cleansing Back or Chest Treatment

A purifying back treatment for oily and combination skin which draws out impurities and congestion, leaving the skin clean and luminous.

40 minutes | £59

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

A massage using the holistic power of essential oils to relax, revitalise or de stress. Spinal pressure, muscular release, lymphatic drainage and foot reflex points are used to rebalance the body and mind. 

50 minutes | £85

Deep Tissue Massage

An invigorating and deep pressure treatment that works on releasing muscle tension and knots

50 minutes | £89

80 minutes | £125 

Traditional Massage

A medium pressure massage used to aid relaxation, stimulate circulation and remove toxic build-up.

50 minutes | £79

80 minutes | £109 



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