New Massage Treatments Chinese/Thai, Lomi Lomi & Hot Stone

  • We have introduced two new massages to our existing menu - both quite different in technique and experience but both very beneficial to your well-being.

The Chinese/Thai is a strong to very strong massage with the therapist applying concentrated pressure over congested energy points in order to to allow the flow of energy throughout the body.  Stretches are performed to the legs, arms, back and shoulders to lengthen the muscles and mobilise the joints.

55mins £90 and 85mins £125

The Lomi Lomi has light to medium pressure which stimulates the central nervous system.  The therapist uses flowing figure of eight movements to re-awaken the senses and leave a feeling of wellbeing.  This ancient massage originates from the Polynesian Islands - the movements reflecting the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean.

55mins £85

.Available in Mayfair and Harrods.

Our old friend is The Hot Stone massage, back by popular demand!  The heat from the stones will warm-up and relax the muscles to allow the therapist to gently massage away aches and pains.

40mins £60 (back only), 55mins £90 an 85mins £125 

Available in Mayfair and Harrods



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