How to prepare for your big day


Wedding season is in full swing and we have no doubt that a few of you will be in the spotlight this summer. To help you prepare for the occasion, we’ve gathered together a few tips from our Mayfair experts to make you look the part.

Anthony’s Top Tips on Achieving the Refined Look

"The essential treatments I'd recommend prior to your wedding are a good haircut, shave and manicure.

A haircut is an extremely important part to your overall look on the day. It I not necessary to go for something wild or completely different. It's good to stick with what you are comfortable with whilst making it look as sharp as possible. I'd advise having a haircut trial 4 weeks before your big day and then having your actual haircut a couple of days before the wedding. Be careful not to go too short - most guys have a habit of requesting it extra short for no actual reason. This can lead to the hair looking extremely short when looking back at the photos as the camera will emphasise everything. So stick to what you and your barber know best. It's essential that you have the aftercare to achieve the finished look, from shampoo to the finishing products you use.

Being clean-shaven is no longer 'a must' when it comes to wedding as almost everyone is or has sported some sort of facial hair. However, if you are a man of tradition, treat yourself to a hot towel shave. Not only will this give you the smoothest face, but will replenish your skin, making you feel refreshed and revitalised. I would recommend having a few shaves in the lead-up to the event so that you can really get to know your skin type as well as the barber, preventing any irritation occurring on the day. A lot of clients who want to be clean-shaven come in the morning of the wedding day, giving them the opportunity to be pampered, relaxed and ready.

If you are sporting facial hair, whether it be a beard or stubble, then I would recommend maintaining and trimming the facial hair at the time of having your hair cut. This will keep the hair looking in sync with the face, giving you that perfect profile and sharpness needed for your big day.

A manicure is becoming increasingly popular for men. It's a great way to relax whilst having a glass of Champagne. You can synchronise this treatment with your haircut or even with your shave on the actual morning of your wedding. Don't worry about walking out with any fancy colours or acrylics. It purely restores the health or the nails and cuticles whilst giving a nice, buffed finish. Worthy enough to complement any watch or cufflinks."

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Parsa's Advice On Achieving the Perfect Shave

"Achieving the perfect look for the big day is all down to person choice. Some prefer a stuble-look, others prefer a clean-shave, both of which have different requirements in terms of fitting in to the rest of your grooming regime. For the stubble-look, book yourself in for an appointment 1-2 days before your pre-wedding facial. If you're wanting a wet-shave, this must be booked in 1 day after your facial. I'd highly recommend booking yourself in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair, shave and skincare treatment plan a few weeks before the big day to ensure you achieve your desired look.

Booing your best man, dad and ushers in for a shaving and hair session at the same time is a great way to relax and enjoy some time together before the big event and to calm and pre-wedding nerves. It's important to book yourselves in for a professional shave rather than trying to do this yourself at home, as if not done correctly and with care, shaving can cause stress to the skin, which is not what you want for your big day!

For your aftercare, I'd recommend using The Refinery's Post Shave Balm which soothes, hydrates and comforts the skin. If you'd like a fresh sensation upon application, try storing this product in the fridge. For the fuller-beards, using a small amount of The Refinery's Shave Oil will condition the beard, giving it a healthy look."

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Evelyna’s Top Tips on Achieving Fresh-Looking Skin

"Men's skin has a different structure to women's. Generally speaking, the collagen content in men is greater than that in women and the signs of ageing begin to appear later because of this. But when the process does begin, change can occur more rapidly. Men also produce more sebum, which can result in skin looking slightly oily and/or shiny.

Of course, without question, I'd recommend that you attend a complimentary skin consultation in order to create a programme which is right for your skin type and concerns. However, one treatment which I would generally always recommend is the Power-Lift Facial. This is a results-driven facial utilising galvanic and micro-current technology in order to increase the effectiveness of the active products used and to stimulate the skin. The results; a toned, plumped and rejuvenated complexion.

For your at-home skincare programme, I'd recommend using an eye cream and moisturiser which suits your skin type. However, in addition to these essentials, I would also recommend using Aromatherapy Associate's Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask the night before the wedding. It contains Rice Germ and Millet to nourish the skin and Rose and Frankincense essential oils to rejuvenate and plump the complexion.

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